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About Us

Neil Machlovitz (J.Lucas) - A master clothier within the custom clothing industry, Neil has designed and crafted custom suits, shirts, linings and every detail one could think of for men's clothing.  Known as one of the select few who athletes and celebrities alike use for their custom requirements, due to his fashion sense and exquisite attention to detail, J.Lucas Clothiers is is one of the most sought after brands within the industry.  
Chris Collie (C.Collie) - A trusted name within women's and men's fashion, from Public Relations to International campaigns, Chris has been featured for his style in Esquire magazine as well as managed and owned several multi-label showrooms.  Having been given advice from the likes of Anna Wintour to Grace Coddington the pearls of wisdom within fashion, Chris' upbringing within the industry has been one unprecedented.  

J.Lucas x C.Collie - A collaborative effort between Neil and Chris to combine their fashion sense along with their obsession with detail and color/pattern choice.  Changing the conversation and wording from widely known pocket-squares to pocket-rounds, Neil and Chris have launched this collection for those who admire the finishing touches within outfits.  The limited edition pocket-rounds' designs and patterns will never be reproduced, keeping each style truly exclusive; with no more than eight pieces being made of each style.